Seattle AGO Election Ballot 2017

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Voting is open to all Voting Members who have not passed their expiration date (July first for everyone who joined before the start of Rolling Dues). This includes Partners, Dual members, and Chapter Honorary members. Please remember, though, that Chapter Friends are not Voting Members. Invalid ballots will not be counted. Voting ends May 20.

Each year, in accordance with the chapter's Operating Procedures, the Dean Elect advances to Dean, and the Dean to Past Dean. Most other officers serve two-year terms. Hence, only one one-year (Dean Elect) and two three-year (Member at Large) positions are open in 2017.

The following persons have accepted a nomination for the chapter offices listed below. You may vote for them or write in another name. See candidate biographies here.

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Robert G. Condie

Board Members-at-large (3-year terms)
Vote for two

You may vote for fewer than two, but if you mark more than two, none will be counted.

Carol Banach
Susan Bloomfield
L. James Middaugh
John Stuntebeck
David Toy

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